Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Try Not to Move For 10 Seconds

2:30am Sunday morning outside my house in Melbourne.

Was just in the mood for a portrait really. It happens. 10 second exposure on the Tokina 11- 16mm f2.8 -a lens that just gives, gives, gives, and never takes. This will be one of those photos I go back to, I'm sure of it. From a narcissistic viewpoint, I'd like to think interested people might one day ponder over this when I'm dead and dust. Actually it has an eerie mood to it which suggests we're both dead already. We had just ridden home from the Tote, via the kebab joint. One of those warm spring nights (and I'm sorry, I'm gonna crap on about the weather again) where you're like, how did I forget about this; how did I forget that winter passes? Because winter ALWAYS passes. Just one year I'd like to beat winter in a staring competition.